SECFR Handbook

James Duncan, Ph.D., CFLE
President (2018-2019)
Program Vice President (2018-2019)
University of Arkansas

Julia Bernard, Ph.D., CFLE
Past President (2018-2019)
East Tennessee State University

Melissa LaGraff, M.S.
Treasurer (2015-2019)
University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Jennifer Zorotovich, Ph.D.
Media and Publications Vice President (2018-2019)
Georgia Southern University

Meghan Dove, Ph.D., CFLE
Media and Publications Vice President elect (2018-2019)
Georgia Southern University

Kwang Man Ko
Membership Vice President (2018-2019)
University of Missouri

Celeste Hill, Ph.D., CFLE
Program Vice President elect (2018-2019)
Samford University

Andrew Benesh, Ph.D
Public Policy Liaison (2018-2019)
Mercer University

Sun-A Lee, Ph.D., CFLE
Proposal Vice President (2018-2019)
Member-at-Large Representing Louisiana (2018-2019)

University of Louisiana

Davina Quichocho
Member-at-Large Representing Alabama (2018-2019)
Auburn University

Samantha Howard
Member-at-Large Representing Florida (2017-2019)
Florida State University

Rebecca Stackhouse
Member-at-Large Representing Georgia (2017-2019)
University of Georgia

Brittany Radford-Clark
Member-at-Large Representing Mississippi (2018-2019)
Mississippi State University

National Council on Family Relations
The Southeastern Council on Family Relations is an affiliate of the National Council on Family Relations

Leadership Opportunities

Are you interested in holding a leadership role in your regional affiliate council? Open SECFR Officer positions are below. Contact James Duncan for more information.

  • President elect
  • Membership Vice President elect
  • Proposal Vice President elect
  • Secretary
  • Undergraduate Student Adviser
  • Graduate Student Adviser
  • North Carolina Member-at-Large
  • South Carolina Member-at-Large
  • Tennessee Member-at-Large